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If you receive 
Error: Invalid Username or Password when attempting to logon, it is possible that your AD password has expired and will need to be reset by the Service Desk. Please contact the Service Desk at the phone number below. After your password has been reset you will need to either logoff/on your computer, or logon to Outlook Web Mail to properly re-activate your password. After one of these two options is successful, then logon to eLearning.


Updated July 6, 2015

  • The 4 Virtual Tour modules have been retired. If you had them assigned but not completed they will be removed from your account. The modules have been replaced by the eLearning Quick Guide 

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  • If you do not use the correct browser the system will not record your course as completed once you close the module. You must set your Internet Explorer to Compatibility view BEFORE you start your course or exam. See page 2 of the Quick Guide for easy instructions.
    Setting Compatibility view AFTER you have finished the module will NOT automatically change your record from Started to Completed.
    You will need to redo any items that have a submit or finish button such as quizzes and you will need to reclose the final screen using the X in the top right corner of the module screen.
  • Reminder: All Internet Explorer versions (8 and up) must be set to compatibility view - see page 2 of the eLearning Quick Guide that has replaced the old Orientation Guide.  
  • Frequently asked question:  How do you know if the system recognises you have just completed a course? 
    When a course has successfully been completed it will disappear from your My Learning list. The completed course will show with the completion date on the Show History screen (see the check box) on the My Learning screen. The second way to show you have completed a course is to run a report BUT you must wait a few minutes (15-20) after a course or exam is completed before it will show up on your My Learning Items Report.
    The reports database updates new information every 15 – 20 minutes. For more helpful information see the eLearning Quick Guide 

Welcome to Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) eLearning  

It is strongly advised that all users read the information below on this screen and the eLearning Quick Guide  prior to using this site to ensure your finished courses show as completed. If you require LMS assistance  please check the guide or contact the HITS-NS Service Desk at 1-866-224-2555.

Please read this important usage information:
  • Note: This site is not compatible with iPads or other tablets.
  • You must view this site using Internet Explorer in compatibility view mode. Other browsers are NOT recommended.
  • This site is NOT compatible with Google Chrome
  • Please use the Sign-in link on the blue menu bar above to enter the eLearning studio. See details on the Sign In screen.
  • The Guest Catalogue tab seen above does not show all courses available in this system. To take courses and for a complete course list you must sign in using your network username and password.

The NSHA eLearning site provides healthcare workers throughout the province with easy access to the ongoing learning and training needed  to maintain skill competency.  

The Learning Management System (LMS) delivers self-paced online courses, exams and surveys through the Internet. This makes training available regardless of where in the province learners are located, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 If you require additional information please contact the HITS-NS Service Desk at 1-866-224-2555.



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